Thursday, 30th July 1925

30th July 1925


Dear Mr. Bruce,

It is impossible for me to do more than send you a short note by this mail, owing to the fact that, during this week, the Imperial Economic Committee is in constant session and that, when the Main Committee itself is not sitting, the small Drafting Committee, of which I am a member, is in consultation until late in the evening.

This procedure is being adopted for this week in the hope that the Preliminary General Report and the Report on Meat may be completed and signed to-day.

I would, however, draw your attention to the Debate in the House of Commons on the Colonial Office Estimates (Official Report Volume 187, No. 133, 27th July, 1925) and particularly to the speech of Mr. Hilton Young [1] who, you may remember, is a Liberal.

Yours sincerely, F. L. MCDOUGALL

_1 E. Hilton Young, Editor-in-Chief of the Financial News;

Financial Secretary to the Treasury 1921-22; British representative at The Hague Conference on International Finance 1922. Young stressed the potential importance of Empire markets in solving Britain’s economic difficulties and suggested encouraging them through the extension of credit.