Thursday, 11th February 1926

11th February, 1926

Dear Mr. Bruce,

Your extremely kind letter of Jan. 4th arrived by the last mail.

[1] It is I am sure quite unnecessary for me to tell you how much I appreciate your kind expressions.

I very much hope that you will be over here in the Autumn and that you will come determined to make the Government and people see the essential facts about Empire economics. The country is far more ready than in 1923 and I think on the economic plane you can be assured of the greatest interest.

I hope you will find opportunities of letting me know something of your plans so that I may be able to make some preparations towards an effective campaign.

May I also suggest that if when this letter reaches you H.M.

Government has not decided on the next work of the I. E. C., you should cable and urge immediate attention to Dairy Products. It would be most useful at an Economic Conference to have a report on the Dairy Industry.

With renewed thanks,

Yours sincerely, F. L. MCDOUGALL

_1 See note 1 to Letter 53.