Thursday, 22nd April 1926

22nd April, 1926

Dear Mr. Bruce,

Sir Sydney Henn [1] M.P., one of the representatives of the Crown Colonies upon the Imperial Economic Committee, told me that in the course of a discussion with Amery [2] on the future of the I.E.C., he had told to Amery that Mackinder [3] was an unsatisfactory Chairman. As Amery and Mackinder have been friends for many years it may be of considerable importance that a man such as Sir Sydney who is known to be reserved should have expressed this view to Amery.

The British Government is appointing Mr. F. M. Blundell [4] M.P.

to the I. E. C. to represent British Agriculture. He is a friend of mine and will I feel sure prove both a strong agricultural representative and still a good Empire man.

Mr. W. S. Crawford [5] the Advertising expert is resigning and I believe the Government is proposing to ask Mr. J. W. Hills [6] M.P., an ex-minister, to serve.

The Government also have in mind seeking the services of Lord Lovat in place of Sir Algernon Firth [7], in the Autumn. Whether this latter point is accurate or not I do not quite know.

Anyhow the other changes will substantially improve the poor British representation on the Committee.

I think these points will be of interest to you.

Yours sincerely, F. L. MCDOUGALL

_1 Conservative M.P.; representative for the Colonies and Protectorates on the Imperial Economic Committee.

2 Leopold Amery, Secretary for the Colonies and for Dominion Affairs.

3 Sir Halford Mackinder, Chairman of the Imperial Economic Committee.

4 Conservative M.P.; President of the Central and Associated Chambers of Agriculture.

5 United Kingdom representative on the Imperial Economic Committee.

6 Conservative M.P.; Financial Secretary to the Treasury 1922-23.

7 United Kingdom representative on the Imperial Economic Committee.