Mr A.T. Stirling, External Affairs Officer in London, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 233 LONDON, 15 June 1939

My telegram No. 188. [1] Czechoslovakia.

United Kingdom Government is instructing British Ambassador at Berlin [2] to inform German Government that it is proposed to appoint a Consul-General at Prague. The Ambassador instructed that he should not himself refer to the question whether the present action by the United Kingdom Government involves any form of recognition of a new status of Bohemia and Moravia but that if the German Government raise the point he should say that, in accordance with precedent, the United Kingdom Government regards its action as amounting to ‘de facto’ recognition. I understand that the United States, French and Polish Governments also intend to apply for exequaturs; for their consular officers in Prague.




1 Document 92.

2 Sir Nevile Henderson.

3 A note on this cablegram written by W. Anstey Wynes, Department of External Affairs, read: ‘Infmd Mr Watson (Interior) of this.

They are still treating Czechs as Czechs. 20/6’.