Mr S.M. Bruce, High Commissioner in London, 151 to Mr R.G. Menzies, Prime Minister

Cablegram 354 LONDON, 25 August 1939, 8.47 p.m.


Most important development today Hitler [1] sent for Henderson.

[2] Object or result of interview not yet known. The Ambassador at Rome [3] in close touch with Ciano [4] and still exploring method for useful intervention by Mussolini [5] with Hitler.

Observations by Curtin [6] published here today will be used in German propaganda to maximum extent most desirable induce if possible during the present critical days refrain from similar statements.



1 Adolf Hitler, German Chancellor.

2 Sir Nevile Henderson, U.K. Ambassador to Germany.

3 Sir Percy Loraine.

4 Count Galeazzo Ciano, Italian Foreign Minister.

5 Benito Mussolini, Italian Head of State.

6 For a report of the statement by John Curtin, Leader of the Labor Party Opposition, see Melbourne Argus, 25 August 1939, p.

11. He said, inter alia, ‘He would be a bold mm who would commit the Commonwealth and the lives of Australians as a pawn in this matter. For my part, I say that the safety of the Australian people impels us to recognise our inability to send Australians overseas to participate in a European war’.


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