Cabinet Minute

Minute 10 MELBOURNE, 29 August 1939

INTERNAT10NAL POSITION The Prime Minister [1] read the text of the British Government’s reply to the German Chancellor, as far as it was decoded at 12.20 p.m. Upon resumption after lunch, the full text was made available to members of Cabinet. [2]

It was agreed that the point upon which difficulty might be encountered was the manner in which negotiations between Poland and Germany in respect of the German Chancellor’s demands concerning the Corridor and the Danzig Free City should be conducted.

It was resolved, however, that no further suggestions should be made to the British Government until the text of the German Chancellor’s reply to the British Note had been transmitted to Australia. [3]

At the request of Mr Spender [4], the Prime Minister stated that he would communicate with the Prime Minister of Great Britain [5] suggesting that all steps should be taken to persuade Japan-having regard in particular to the Russo-German Pact-to a course of action which would be favourable to the Australian position in the Pacific.


1 R.G. Menzies.

2 Document 161.

3 See Documents 163 and 164.

4 P.C. Spender, Minister without portfolio assisting the Treasurer.

5 Neville Chamberlain.


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