Mr N. Chamberlain, U.K. Prime Minister, to Mr R.G. Menzies, Prime Minister

Cablegram unnumbered LONDON, 31 August 1939, 1 p.m.


I keenly appreciated your telegram of 27th August [1] and thank you warmly for it. It was at once communicated to my colleagues and we gave its contents most careful attention in the preparation of the reply to Hitler which went earlier this week. [2]

I hope that you will feel this reply and subsequent correspondence exchanged with Hitler goes a good way towards meeting your points.

As you will have seen, we have been completely firm on the question of our obligations with Poland. I agree that this is vital. We have also expressed willingness to discuss the wider issues provided the immediate dispute is settled.

As to the latter question something, at any rate, has been achieved by inducing Hitler to agree to negotiations with Poland and the possibility some neutral meeting place for the negotiations is in mind though this may well be difficult.

We are most grateful for assurance in the concluding paragraph of your message and your co-operation at this, as at every stage in these critical times, has been of the greatest encouragement to us.



1 Document 156.

2 See Document 170