Mr W.L. Mackenzie King, Canadian Prime Minister, to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram unnumbered OTTAWA, 6 September 1939, 6 p.m.


I am very glad to hear that the Commonwealth of Australia will be prepared to receive a High Commissioner for Canada and to appoint a High Commissioner in Ottawa. [1] I wholly share your view of the value to both countries of such an exchange. As regards announcement on 7th September, I may say that a change in our session arrangement win prevent our informing Parliament of the proposal for some days yet. We would appreciate it if announcement could be deferred to a date early next week to be arranged by further communications.


1 See Document 203.

2 The decision to exchange High Commissioners was announced in the Canadian House of Commons on 11 September 1939, and in the Commonwealth House of Representatives on 12 September 1939.


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