Mr J.A. Lyons, Prime Minister, to Dominions Office

Cablegram [161] n.d. [c. 14 February 19391,

Your F2 of 10th February [2] General Act. Commonwealth Government have again given consideration to whole question including your proposed communication to League of Nations. We adhere to opinion expressed in cablegram 7th February [3] as we feel that the political objections on which that opinion was mainly based are of the utmost importance and would not be removed by the course now proposed.



1 The file copy of this cablegram carried the signature ‘J. Lyons 14.2.38’ [sic] The text of a cablegram from Lyons to the Acting High Commissioner in London, J. S. Duncan, read however’Your telegram 9th February [Document 17]- please see my telegram 13th February No. 16 to Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs’ (on file EA: A2937, Pacific Settlement of International Disputes).

2 Document 18 3 See Document 7, paragraph 19.