Sir Henry Gullett, Minister for External Affairs, to Sir Walford Selby, U.K. Ambassador to Portugal

Cablegram unnumbered 4 October 1939,

Reference your telegram 29th September. [1] I would refer you to my telegram of 25th May [2] stating Oil Search not prepared to proceed with proposal, but Oil Concessions ready to raise necessary capital. Substance of your telegram under reference has been communicated to Oil Concessions, who intimated they would prefer to secure concession over whole area even if this meant indemnifying Wittouck [3] as capital could be raised more easily on this basis. They are communicating their views immediately to their representative in Lisbon (Dodson). [4]



1 Document 252.

2 Document 95.

3 Serge F. Wittouck, Managing Director of the Asia Investment Company.

4 A.R. Dodson.


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