Mr M.J. Savage, N.Z. Prime Minister, to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram unnumbered WELLINGTON, 2 March 1939, 1.40 p.m.


Defence Conference. I am very grateful for your telegram of 28th February [1] and I entirely concur with the reservations that you have made concerning certain items on the Agenda. The question of the date must now depend upon the time within which British representatives can arrive, on which point I am enquiring from His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and will communicate with you at the earliest possible moment. In the meantime I shall be grateful for as early advice as possible as to the names of the Australian delegation, who will, I trust, regard themselves as guests of the New Zealand Government during their stay in New Zealand. Documentation on the Agenda items will, it is hoped, be despatched next week.



1 Document 31.


[AA: A981, PACIFIC 1]