General J.C. Smuts, South African Prime Minister, to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram 16 PRETORIA, 16 November 1939, 4.13 p.m.


Your telegram 165 to Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs.’ I am very much in accord with the general tenor of your message, especially the concluding paragraph. At the present stage, however, and after the reply to [sic] the United Kingdom Government to the Queen of Holland’ and the King of the Belgians [3], there is nothing more to be said for the present. It is possible that the subject may be reopened in one way or another before real warfare starts and then the points that you stress will require very close consideration. Every effort should be made to maintain the united military and diplomatic effort between the Allies, but every care should also be taken to prevent us from going to another Versailles peace.


1 Document 359.

2 Queen Wilhelmina.

3 King Leopold III.


[AA: A1608, B41/1/1]