U.K. Embassy, Tokyo, 56 to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram unnumbered TOKYO, 24 March 1939, 8.10 p.m.

Following from Colonel Lloyd [1] begins.

Your telegram of 22nd March. [2] There are no examples disagreeably mentioned here regarding Australia specifically. Nothing of a complaining type either since the iron ore embargo and in lessening degree scrap iron loading trouble whilst practically silent regarding pig iron difficulty as also pearling lugger case.

I should perhaps inform you of the following individual items- (1) when my wife was proceeding alone to Australia end of November was unseemingly treated at Kobe being closely questioned and baggage opened and at Moji her passport was impounded overnight. Foreign Office subsequently expressed regret upon hearing this. Presumed consequent upon Kobe event position of Australia [3] established.

(2) Captain of the steamship Nankin reported pockets turned out Yokahama last month when coming ashore after harmless telephonic conversation from ship to Australian office; presumably suspected of carrying despatches but nothing evidenced. They inclined to severity towards E. & A. Line. Ends. [4]


1 Lt Col E.E. Longfield Lloyd, Australian Government Commissioner in Japan.

2 Document 51.

3 The words ‘Kobe … Australia’ were mutilated in transmission.

4 A copy of this cablegram was sent to Department of External Affairs 25 March 1939.


[AA: A981, JAPAN 181, ii]