Mr A.T. Stirling, External Affairs Officer in London, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 75 LONDON, 29 March 1939


Your telegram No. 15.1 I have made enquiries daily but the United Kingdom Government has not yet reached a decision with regard to the future of the Czechoslovak Legation and Consulates. Understand the matter is now with the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. [2] For the time being, the position of Czechoslovak diplomatic and consular officials in this country remains as before.

German authorities in London notified the Foreign Office that they have now taken over diplomatic and consular representation in respect of Moravia and Bohemia and that the present Czech Legation and Consulate have no authority. Foreign Office have not acknowledged this communication. I understand that the German authorities here put pressure on the Czech Charge d’ Affaires [3] to hand over but the latter has taken no action for the moment.



1 Document 58.

2 Lord Halifax.

3 Karel Lisicky.