U.K. Dominions Office to Sir Geoffrey Whiskard, U.K. High Commissioner to Australia

Cablegram 105 (paraphrase) LONDON, 8 May 1939, 5 p.m.


Reference your telegram No. 84 of 5th May [1] and No. 86 of 6th May. [2] Speeches on lines described would appear to meet the present situation admirably. As regards (a) in your telegram No. 84 we attach importance to meetings with Dominion High Commissioners as giving opportunity for supplementing information contained in official telegrams from the Government of the United Kingdom and for informal interchange of information and opinions. It will however be realized that, from the point of view of some of the Dominions, difficulties would arise if it were suggested that these meetings were for purpose of consultation.

It would for similar reasons be helpful, we think, if references to principal and consultants under (b) could be left out.

Doubtless you will telegraph a report on the debate and we will then give suggestion in last paragraph of your telegram No. 86 further consideration.


1 Document 78.

2 Document 80.


[PRO: DO 114/981]