Chifley to Forde and Evatt

Cablegram 102 CANBERRA, 11 June 1945


Reference your SFC33 and 37. [1] Voting Procedure in Security Council.

I appreciate your account of the veto negotations and estimate of the best course of action in the circumstances. A complete deadlock on this issue would not only cancel out the very gratifying progress you have made in realising our objectives in many directions, but would add incalculably to the growing anxiety here over recent signs of strain between Britain, the United States and Russia.

In handling the position here it would be most helpful to us to have your own judgment on the later phases of the debate which has ensued on the veto power and the likely result therefrom. Is it likely to deny the advantage of a charter which, thanks largely to your efforts offers Australia real opportunities in the General Assembly and Economic and Social Council of securing our interests and which in its enforcement provisions is likely to be considerably more effective than the League of Nations system? I would appreciate a further estimate from you as the situation develops and early advice of your intentions before the final stages of the discussion are reached.


1 Documents 99 and 101.


[AA : A1066, H45/771/1]