Evatt to Mulrooney

Cablegram SFC54 [SAN FRANCISCO], 15 June 1945, 2.40 a.m.

Many thanks for your telegram. [1] Please convey to the Prime Minister from [2] and myself deepest concern and give him our most affectionate greetings. Please tell him too that we both think that the lodge may be extremely uneven in temperature and even at times be cold with danger of a chill.

It is increasingly obvious that Forde should not remain here any longer. All the issues in which Australia is vitally interested are either over or are in a position where all that is required can be carried out by myself. Previously I thought it unwise to retain two senior ministers here when the strain on Cabinet as a whole was so heavy. I would also submit to yourself as a friend of Forde to tell him the true position. The trouble is that he seems incapable of thinking of anything excepting the signing of the document which is a formal matter of no importance whatever. The fact is that all the work to be done now and indeed 90 per cent of it through the Conference has had to be performed by myself and the officers of External Affairs.

In his own interest I think he should return also. But you can take it as absolutely certain that Australia’s interests would in no way be prejudiced by his leaving immediately knowing that the Prime Minister has had an unfortunate relapse.

Please discuss this with Chifley, Beasley and Makin. Many thanks for your thoughtful and regular messages.


1 Presumably an unnumbered personal cablegram, dispatched 15 June, referring to family matters. In cablegram 109, dispatched 14 June, Beasley informed Evatt that Curtin’s condition had deteriorated and suggested that he return as soon as possible. In AA : A3196, 1945, Folder, Outwards to Australian Delegation San Francisco (and London), O.15434, and O.15374, respectively.

2 A sign here indicates ‘mutilated’.