Churchill to Chifley

Cablegram 197 LONDON, 16 June 1945, 11 p.m.


Received 17 June 1945

For some time past it has been clear that on most of the major problems affecting the future of Europe, we could not expect to make satisfactory progress without a further meeting between the leaders of the three main Allied powers. As you will have seen from recent announcements, arrangements have now been made for an early meeting between Marshal Stalin, President Truman and myself.

The plan is to meet in the neighbourhood of Berlin on 15th July.

It will probably be agreed that on this occasion the place and date of the meeting may be announced in advance, probably towards the end of this month, but for the time being these details must remain secret.

As the result of the election here will not be known until 26th July, I would have preferred to meet either earlier or later. But President Truman could not come to Europe earlier, and I felt that the urgency of the great problems awaiting discussion outweighed the advantage which a later meeting would have had from my point of view. As, however, we must meet before the results of the election are known, Mr. Attlee has accepted my suggestion that he should accompany me to the meeting.

This will be a difficult and fateful conference. The future of Europe, and indeed the peace of the whole world, may turn on the outcome of our discussions. I trust that we may be able to reach some good decisions. Ends.


[AA : A1066, H45/1016/5]