Commonwealth Government to Cranborne

Cablegram 161 CANBERRA, 21 June 1945


Reference your telegram D.1050 [1], 13th June, reparations.

1. We appreciate the considerations referred to in paragraphs 3, 4 and 6 of your D.1050. Nevertheless, we wish clearly to reserve the right to present reparation claims appropriate to the losses inflicted upon Australia and the contribution Australia has made to the defeat of Germany. We will advise you of what seems to us the appropriate form and extent of these claims after fuller examination of the problem and bearing in mind the views expressed in your D.1050 and following telegrams.

2. We do not intend to use German prisoners of war in Australia for reparations labour.

3. We are glad of the opportunity of commenting on the general principles and procedures to be proposed by the United Kingdom representatives. We are in full agreement with the view that the plan for reparations must be the subject of general agreement among all countries entitled to receive reparations, and with the proposal for an inter-Allied Reparation Commission. We hope to send further comments shortly.


1 Document 111.


[AA : A1066, H45/1015, i]