Cranborne to Chifley

Cablegram D1243 LONDON, 17 July 1945, 8.09 p.m.


Sir George Sansom, Adviser on Far Eastern Affairs to His Majesty’s Ambassador in Washington, was recently shown at the State Department, for his own information, and not as an official communication, a draft document setting forth the United States policy in respect of Japan. Sir George Sansom’s summary of its contents as recollected from a hasty perusal is given in my immediately following telegram. [1]

In view of the probability that the question of the ultimate treatment of Japan may arise in some form during Potsdam meeting the Foreign Office have thought it desirable to send to Washington a telegram of which the text is contained in my second following telegram. [2]

We should welcome your observations.


1 Document 135.

2 Document 136.


[AA : A1066, P45/10/1/1/]