Bruce to Chifley

Cablegram 84A LONDON, 18 July 1945, 6.10 p.m.


With reference to Dominions Office telegrams 1243, 1244 and 1245.

[1] This is another and glaring example of our being faced with a fait accompli.

During Forde’s and Evatt’s visit they were given undertakings with regard to information and consultation in connection with Armistice Terms, Terms of Surrender and Military Government and Control Commission Policy for Japan.

Since their departure I have kept Dominions Office under constant pressure to live up to these undertakings but have been able to get nowhere, and yesterday was suddenly informed that it was proposed to despatch to you telegrams 1243, 1244 and 1245.

I have left little unsaid as to my view as to the way in which we have been treated and I think you should also telegraph a protest.

Unless we react against communications being established with Washington, even on an informal basis, before we have been consulted, the practice will continue and we will find ourselves in the position of an Anglo American Policy with regard to Japan being developed without our having had an opportunity of influencing it.

Concurrently with insisting upon our right to be consulted, it will be necessary that careful and detailed thought should be given in Australia to the range of economic, military and political questions raised in the telegrams under reference, as well as any other questions which you desire considered.



1 Documents 134,135 and 136.


[AA : A5954, BOX 453]