Evatt to Bevin

Cablegram 206 CANBERRA, 28 July 1945


I am delighted at your appointment [1] and hope it will be followed by complete re-examination by yourself of some of the Potsdam negotiations which take no account of the right of this country and the promises as to peace and armistice terms made on several occasions, including War Cabinet meeting at which you were present. Please see telegrams referring to them. The last straw is the publication of the ultimatum to Japan without any reference to Australia which for more than two years bore the brunt of the Pacific struggle from the British point of view. The first we heard of this was in the newspapers. Foreign Office talks about Dominion rights, but in practice does its best to evade them.


1 i.e. as Foreign Secretary.


[AA : A3196, 1945, O.19599]