Evatt to King and Smuts

Cablegrams 321, 80 CANBERRA, 6 August 1945


Since telegraphing you on Saturday [1] we have now received an answer from the Dominions Office contained in my immediately following telegram. [2] My own feeling is that it does not meet the position and that the interests of the Dominions in the European settlement are of such a character that they cannot be adequately protected by the procedure indicated.

Our view is that the war effort of the four Dominions entitles them to participate as principals in the planning of the European settlement and it is not enough merely to be informed.


1 Document 155.

2 The cablegram (in AA : A3196, 1945, 0.20459/60/1/2) contained the text of Document 158.


[AA : A1066, H45/1016/5/2]