Smuts to Evatt

Cablegram 69 PRETORIA, 9 August 1945, 2.51 p.m.

I have read your correspondence with the Dominions Office re consultation of Dominion Governments on peace negotiations and times. While I am sympathetic to your views, I also feel that the United Kingdom Government are in a difficult position vis a vis other great powers re direct participation of the Dominions in such negotiations.

Under the circumstances I am afraid we shall have to be satisfied with putting our individual Government’s views clearly and strongly before the United Kingdom Government for their guidance in negotiations with their other colleagues. If we press for Dominion representation, Russia will at once press for the Ukraine, Poland and the rest to participate also, and soon there will be a major San Francisco Conference. You have their undertaking re the Pacific and I have a similar undertaking with respect to the Italian colonies.

The general European conditions must perforce be left largely to the great powers and we can but put our general views before the United Kingdom Government so that the Dominion points of view will not be entirely lost sight of. Our position is, in fact, that of the other minor belligerents and it is awkward for us to claim more than this as Dominions under the British wing.