Addison to Chifley

Cablegram D1432 LONDON, 12 August 1945, 12.28 p.m.


The Prime Minister this morning received a personal message from President Truman stating that in accordance with message dated August 11th addressed by the United States Government to the Swiss Government for transmission to the Japanese Government [1], he proposed that General MacArthur be designated Supreme Commander for the Allied powers to accept, co-ordinate and carry into effect the general surrender of the Japanese armed forces. The message asked the Prime Minister to notify him of the designation of the officer whom he wished to act as his representative so that he might make arrangements necessary for his representative to be present at the time and place of surrender. President Truman added that it was also contemplated that General MacArthur will direct the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to have Japanese forces in S.E.A.C. surrender unconditionally to Admiral Mountbatten or his subordinate commanders.

The Prime Minister has replied, accepting the general procedure proposed and designating Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser as our representative.


1 Document 179.


[AA : A1066, P45/10/1/3, ii]