Commonwealth Government to Addison

Cablegram 236 CANBERRA, 14 August 1945


Your D.1435. [1]

We are anxious that an Australian service representative be present at the acceptance of the Japanese surrender and we nominate General Sir Thomas Blamey, C-in-C Australian Military Forces and Commander Allied Land Forces in South West Pacific Area. We would appreciate any assistance Admiral Fraser may be able to give him and we wish Sir Thomas Blamey to attend as representing the Australian Government directly and not as attached to your representative.

2. In connection with arrangements proposed in D.1432 [2] for surrender of Japanese forces in South East Asia Command Australian Government feels that in view of the part played by the Australian 8th Division in Malaya that it should have a representative at the surrender of the Japanese forces to Admiral Mountbatten. The Government would appreciate your concurrence in this and is taking action to nominate a representative for this purpose. [3]


1 Dispatched 12 August. On file AA : A816, 102/301/19.

2 Document 183.

3 In the event it was agreed that Blamey or his representative would accept the Japanese surrender in Australian areas of responsibility. Nevertheless, part of 1 Australian Parachute Battalion took part in the ceremony at Singapore on 12 September and liberated Australian prisoners of war also attended. Blamey took the surrender at Moratai on 9 September. Surrenders were also taken by Australian Commanders in Dutch Borneo, British North Borneo and Timor, at Bougainville and Wewak, off Rabaul, and off Nauru and Ocean Islands.


[AA : A5954, BOX 453]