Addison to Chifley

Cablegram D1470 LONDON, 16 August 1945, 9.40 p.m.


My immediately preceding telegram. [1] JAPAN.

The President’s directive to Supreme Commander for Allied Powers, begins:

1. In accordance with the agreement among the Governments of the United States, Chinese Republic, United Kingdom and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to designate a Supreme Commander for the Allied powers for the purpose of enforcing the surrender of Japan you are hereby designated as the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers.

2. You will require the issuance of a proclamation signed by the Emperor authorising his representatives to sign the Instrument of Surrender. The proclamation to be signed should be substantially in the form appended hereto as Annex I. You will take the necessary steps to require and receive from the duly authorised representatives of the Japanese Emperor, the Japanese Government and the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, the signed Instrument of Surrender. The text of the Instrument of Surrender is appended hereto as Annex II. You will accept the surrender for the four Governments concerned and in the interests of the other United Nations at War with Japan.

3. I have asked the Heads of State of China, Great Britain and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics each to designate a representative who may be present with you at the time and place of surrender. I have designated Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz to be present as the United States representative for this purpose.

As soon as I have received the other designations you will be advised. You will make the appropriate arrangements.

4. Having accepted the general surrender of the Japanese Armed Forces you will require the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to issue general orders which will instruct Japanese Commanders, wherever situated as to the mechanics of surrender (Annex I and Annex II) and other details effectuating the surrender. You will effect any necessary co-ordination of arrangements with the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters with regard to the surrenders to the Allied Commanders concerned of Japanese armed forces abroad.

5. From the moment of surrender the authority of the Emperor and Japanese Government to rule the State will be subject to you and you will take such steps as you deem proper to effectuate the surrender terms.

6. You will exercise Supreme Command over all land, sea and air forces which may be allocated for enforcement in Japan of the Surrender terms by the Allied Powers concerned.

7. Your appointment as Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers is effective upon receipt of this Directive.


1 Cablegram D1469, dispatched 16 August. On file AA : A1066, P45/10/1/3, ii.


[AA : A1066, P45/10/1/3, ii]