Evatt to Blamey

Cablegram unnumbered CANBERRA, 18 August 1945


We received report through Dominions Office [1] that State Department, Washington, objected to your representing Australia separately and independently at general surrender. However, this report has been contradicted by the State Department who have informed me that they are taking immediate steps through the War Department, Washington to ask General MacArthur to meet Australia’s wishes to the maximum extent possible. In the circumstances, it should be possible for you to sign the surrender document, making it clear that you are doing so on behalf of Australia alone.

Please convey to General MacArthur expression of our hope that at this crucial moment in history, he will once again safeguard the legitimate interests of our country which already owes so much to him.

I am sending this message at the request of and with the full approval of the Minister for Defence and the War Cabinet.

Communique already sent to you [2] shows how deeply we feel on this and related matters.


1 Cablegram 302, dispatched 16 August. In AA : A5954, box 453.

2 Message CS2969, from Shedden to Blamey, dispatched 14 August. In AA : A5954, box 2313.


[AA : A816, 102/301/19]