Addison to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram D1483 LONDON, 17 August 1945, 11.03 p.m.


My telegram 14th August D. No. 1446. [1] Siam.

We have reached the conclusion that in general conditions for our recognition of and collaboration with a Siamese Government which has repudiated Japanese connection should remain as set out in my telegram 26th July D. No. 1306 [2] subject to elimination of those which are inappropriate to the new situation and to certain amendments arising therefrom and from comments received. We are also now proposing to divide the conditions into two parts, viz.

(a) Political conditions.

(b) Mil and Quasi-Mil conditions affecting the South East Asia Command.

2. Political conditions are primarily a British concern and not suitable for presentation by S.A.C.S.E.A. as a combined British - United States commander. The plan therefore is that proposed political conditions should be communicated to the United States Government in such a way that we are not necessarily committed to accept any views which they may express on them. The proposed Mil and Quasi-Mil conditions would immediately thereafter be submitted to the Combined Chiefs of Staff with a view to their issuing if they agree, a directive to S.A.C.S.E.A. authorising him to present them to the Siamese on behalf of the United Kingdom and United States. Simultaneously with action by S.A.C.S.E.A. his political advisor would present political terms to the Siamese on behalf of the United Kingdom.

3. Statement of both sets of conditions by reference to my telegram D. No. 1306 is contained in two following telegrams. [3] I should be glad to receive by telegraph at earliest possible moment any further comments which other British Commonwealth Governments wish to offer.


1 Document 190.

2 Document 145.

3 Cablegrams D1484 (setting out the political conditions) dispatched 17 August, and D1485 (military and quasi-military conditions) dispatched 18 August. On file AA : A1066, H45/1014/2.


[AA : A1066, H45/1014/2]