Addison to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram D1546 LONDON, 24 August 1945, 9.25 p.m.


In your telegram of 23rd August, No. 249[1], paragraph 4, you asked us to support your approach to the United States Government for full participation by Australia in the council of Foreign Ministers in relation to every aspect of the Pacific settlement.

His Majesty’s United Kingdom Ambassador at Washington has been instructed to inform the United States Government that we support the Australian request and consider that Canada and New Zealand, if they wish, should similarly participate in relation to the Pacific Settlement, that we recognise that participation of other Governments is a matter for decision of the council itself when that body meets, but that we hope that in the meantime the United States Government will give sympathetic consideration to the Australian request.


1 Document 210.


[AA : A5954, BOX 1891]