Chifley to Bruce

Cablegram 201 CANBERRA, 28 August 1945


Cabinet has given consideration to question of representation in London and has decided that Dr. Evatt will leave almost immediately to represent Australia in conferences etc. associated with the formulation of peace terms and relative international implications.

It was further decided that Dr. Evatt should take over your duties and the work associated with your offices as Accredited Representative and High Commissioner. Dr. Evatt will not of course be appointed formally to be High Commissioner, London but whilst in London for a few months will carry out duties associated with that office. [1]

Am grateful to you for your offer to continue and would be under an obligation to you if you would apprise Dr. Evatt of activities which you have been conducting and give any assistance possible to render.

I also desire on behalf of the Commonwealth Government to thank you for your valuable work over a period of twelve years and for the eminent service you have given Australia during a particularly exacting time.

I am writing you covering matters mentioned in your letter.


1 Full Cabinet decided on the same day (27 August) that Beasley would succeed Evatt as Resident Minister in London, prior to a five-year appointment as High Commissioner, and that Makin would be appointed to an overseas position of equal salary and status.


[AA : M100, AUGUST 1945]