Addison to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram D1609 LONDON, 1 September 1945, 5.50 p.m.


My telegram 29th August D No.1581. [1] Far Eastern Advisory Commission.

His Majesty’s United Kingdom Minister at Washington reports that the United States State Department explain that both the President and the Secretary of State attach great importance to early establishment of the Far Eastern Advisory Commission which was [designed] [2] to enable the Allies of the United States represented on it to play their full part in the formation of [policies] applicable to Japan under the instrument of surrender.

As far as concerned the execution of these policies in Japan itself, the United States Government did not favour any derogation from the principle that sole responsibility should be vested in the Supreme Commander. Whilst it would, therefore, be open to Powers represented on the proposed Advisory Commission to formulate their views on machinery for the control of Japan proper and on methods whereby achievements of various Allied forces taking part in the occupation of Japan could best be coordinated to the Supreme Commander it was not contemplated by the United States Government that an Allied Control Council should be set up to assist the Supreme Commander in the execution of his responsibilities.

2. The State Department have pointed out that the situation in Japan is different from that in Germany and the principle of undivided control by S.C.A.P. was implied in the President’s message to the Prime Minister proposing that S.C.A.P. should ‘carry into effect the general surrender of the Japanese armed forces’ (my telegram 12th August D No.1432) [3] and that the same principle had been implied in the President’s reply to the Japanese surrender offer (my telegram 11th August D No.1429). [4]

3. The State Department suggested that in the circumstances the United Kingdom Government might wish to drop the idea of communicating our own proposals to the Soviet and Chinese Governments. At any rate until after the meeting of the Advisory Commission proposed by the United States Government.

4. The State Department emphasised the importance which the United States Government attach to ensuring that through the medium of the Advisory Commission which they propose, full consultation should take place between the Allies on all problems relating to the treatment of Japan after surrender.

5. We are urgently considering this report.


1 On file AA : A1066, P45/10/33/1.

2 Words in square brackets have been corrected from the London copy on file AA : A5471, A2.

3 Document 183.

4 Document 179.


[AA : A1066, P45/10/33/1]