Evatt to Chifley and Beasley

Cablegram EC10 LONDON, 14 September 1945, 9.28 p.m.


The United Kingdom Government are anxious that we should have another took, at the decision as to the British Commonwealth [force] contained in your No. 286. [1] With the general principles of your 286 I am of course in entire agreement. Moreover in telegram 349 [2] there are unsatisfactory features such as a possible veto on Australian who would be Commander-in-Chief and risk of delay in exercise of joint responsibility referred to in paragraph 6 of 349 although this could be obviated by suitable machinery for consultation. What occurs to me is that providing that executive authority is exercised from Australia and that the Australian Government nominates Commander, it might be possible to use the occasion to demonstrate Australian leadership in Pacific affairs and Pacific settlement. Therefore I would suggest a quick review of the decision mentioned in 286 to see if it is possible to amend 349 to ensure acknowledged and effective Australian control of the enterprise and at the same time direct responsibility to General MacArthur.


1 Document 240.

2 Document 230.


[AA : A816, 52/301/222]