Makin to Evatt

Cablegram 230 CANBERRA, 17 September 1945


1. Hubner approached me on question of Australian support for Chilean nomination on Social and Economic Council. I informed him I would bring matter to your notice and propose replying by note to effect we would gladly endeavour obtain support for Chile but would like first to receive indication of Latin American views on all eighteen members and hope he will be able to help us obtain this information. I propose to stress our common interests in economic affairs and express hope that Australian-Latin American co-operation particularly with respect to Chile which characterised San Francisco will continue at General Assembly meeting next year. I propose suggesting that his Government might request Chilean Ambassador at London [1] to discuss these matters with you. I propose mention also our very great interest in election Governing Body I.L.O.

2. Hubner also raised question of Minister to Chile and stated matter was assuming importance domestically. It might be important to make suitable appointment well in advance of Assembly meetings.

They wish immediately official statement of our intention and I therefore propose making appropriate statement. In consultation with Prime Minister and Dunk I am examining many personnel questions and will cable you our views as soon as possible including suggestions for Chile.

3. In order that you might comment if you so desire [2] I am not carrying out proposals in paragraphs 1 and 2 until end of week.


1 Manuel Bianchi.

2 Evatt agreed with the proposal to support the Chilean nomination, but directed that it be kept confidential. See his cablegram, EC19, dispatched 21 September, on file AA : A1066, ER45/9/2.


[AA : A1067, A46/14/3/1]