War Cabinet Minute 4452

CANBERRA, 19 September 1945

THE MISSION ABROAD OF THE MINISTER FOR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS It was decided that a cablegram be forwarded to the Minister for External Affairs requesting that the Government be kept informed of his activities in connection with his discussions with United Kingdom Ministers and the Council of Foreign Ministers. He is also to be requested to keep the Government posted on discussions and proposals relating to the European Peace Treaties and Settlements and to be informed that the Government does not wish to be involved in controversial matters relating to Europe which do not affect Australia’s vital interests.

2. The Acting Minister for External Affairs stated that he would submit a draft cablegram to the Prime Minister for his approval.


1 Cablegram 245, dispatched 21 September. On file AA : A1066, H45/1016/5/2.

[AA : A2673, VOL. 16]