Addison to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram D1758 LONDON, 20 September 1945, 11.30 p.m.


My telegram 19th September D.1746. [1] Peace Treaty with Italy.

The following proposals of Dr. Evatt for draft heads concerning Trieste to which he referred in paragraph 3 of my telegram under reference have been circulated to the Council of Foreign Ministers as a Conference Peace Paper (see paragraph 3 of my telegram under reference). Begins.

1. Italy to renounce in favour of the United Nations sovereignty over the city and port of Trieste and immediately adjoining territory.

2. Trieste to be neutralised and demilitarised.

3. Trieste to be administratively independent according to the constitution which will accord substantially equal share in the local administration to Italian and Yugoslav residents;

constitution to be drawn up by or on behalf of the United Nations after consultation with representatives of Italian and Yugoslav interests.

4. Convention to be drawn up between Italy and Yugoslav central European countries and the autonomous city of Trieste, providing for the institution of the free port at Trieste and facilitation of rail and other communications to and from Trieste for the purpose of international trading. Such convention to be embodied in treaties of peace.

5. The constitution to be placed under the guarantee of the United Nations who will provide appropriate means of general supervision or specific control over local administration and of associating representatives of other countries with such administration.

6. Full protection of civil and religious liberties to be guaranteed in the Convention and made enforceable in the Courts.

7. Arrangements regarding the retention or change of residence or nationality and right of disposal or retention of property. Ends.


1 Document 255.


[AA : A5954, BOX 540]