Eggleston to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 844 WASHINGTON, 26 September 1945, 7.14 p.m.


Your telegram 1327. [1] Consulates.

We have discussed informally with the State Department the opening of Consulates in the United States and have indicated that the Government desires at an early (late to appoint Kellway Consul- General in New York. [2] Probability of the establishment of Consulate at San Francisco in the near future was also mentioned.

We were given to understand there would be no objection to opening of Consulates at New York and San Francisco and elsewhere if desired, and that provisional recognition of Kellway would be granted whenever we wish. State Department apparently is ready to recognise any jurisdictional areas we desire. We were informed that the South African Consul-General New York has jurisdiction throughout the United States, that jurisdiction of Canadian Consulate-General is limited to New York State and Connecticut and certain counties in New Jersey, and that Eire, which has Consular representation at New York and Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, has divided United States into groups of states for jurisdictional purposes.

On the whole I think it would be best to give Kellway jurisdiction throughout the United States on appointment and then to reduce area of his jurisdiction as and when other Consulates are established. Please advise whether you agree and date as from which you desire Kellway’s provisional recognition to be given. I can then make immediate formal approach to the State Department.

Reference paragraph 4 of your telegram 1327. I think Legation channels and facilities could be used by Kellway for occasional telegrams on policy matters or matters requiring secrecy, but think that Kellway should be supplied at any rate with GTC and R codes to enable him to communicate quickly and directly on such non secret matters as passports and visas, movements of individuals etc. This would avoid cost of establishing specially trained cypher staff and also avoid such problems as servicing typex machines. Code telegrams could be sent by member of his staff carrying out other duties as well.


1 Dispatched 14 September. In AA : A3196, 1945, 0.24063.

2 See Document 235. The Consulate-General in New York was opened by Evatt on 13 November, and was the first established by the Commonwealth Govt anywhere.


[AA : A1067, IC46/99/5/1]