Evatt to Chifley and Makin

Cablegram EC43 LONDON, 1 October 1945, 12.28 a.m.


Council of Foreign Ministers You will note from Dominions Office telegrams Nos. 1834 and 1835 [1] that both Bevin and Byrnes have come round to my contention that the European peace settlement should be treated as a whole at a conference including non European members of the United Nations who have actively contributed to the defeat of European members of the Axis.

This substantially meets the case we have been contending … [2] as the inclusion of the European members of the United Nations proposed in Byrnes’ resolution broadly tallies with the list of countries we have had in mind from the beginning who should be associated with the Dominions as participants with the Big Five in working out the peace settlements.

Despite Molotov’s tactics, it looks as though our effort will be substantially successful.


1 Dispatched 30 September. On file AA : A1066, E45/1/20. The Council had decided on 11 September that all members of the Council were entitled to participate in discussion of the treaties with the Axis satellites, but that only signatories to the surrender imposed on states would be entitled to vote. The Soviet representatives objected to this procedure, arguing that only signatories should be involved in the formulation of the treaties.

On September, in response to an amendment by Molotov, Byrnes proposed a resolution, the 29 text of which was given in cablegram D1835.

2 A sign here indicates ‘mutilated’.


[AA : A1066, E45/1/20]