Addison to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram D1848 LONDON, 2 October 1945, 10.24 p.m.


My telegram 1st October D. No. 1843. [1]


The Netherlands Ambassador and the Netherlands Minister for Overseas Territories [2] recently discussed the situation in the Netherlands East Indies with the Foreign Secretary.

2. The Ambassador said that Soekarno had for five years collaborated with the Japanese, who had sponsored his movement and were arming its supporters. It would be contrary to the wishes of the Netherlands Government if the British authorities in any way recognised or entered into relations with him. The Ambassador hoped that the British political and military authorities would refrain from statements which might serve to bolster up the morale of Indonesian Quislings, and hoped that the strength of the British forces in Java should be immediately increased, and the despatch of the Netherlands troops to the Netherlands East Indies accelerated. He asked that the S.A.C.S.E.A. should be instructed (1) That British troops should take all possible measures to maintain order and to disarm the supporters of Soekarno, and (2) To do everything in his power to assist the restoration to the Netherlands Government of their own territories.

3. The Foreign Secretary said that before giving any reply he must first enquire into the facts, and promised without delay to look into the possibility of overcoming shipping and manpower difficulties.

4. The Netherlands Ambassador and the Minister for Overseas Territories have been informed of S.A.C.S.E.A.’s instruction to General Christison (my telegram under reference sub paragraph (e)) and their attention has been drawn to the Press report of the proclamation by S.A.C.S.E.A. at the time of the first landing of Allied Forces, stating that the policy of the Allies is to maintain law and order until the lawful Government of the Netherlands East Indies is once again functioning.

5. Meanwhile the Netherlands Government at the Hague have issued an announcement stating- (a) That representatives of the lawful authority cannot sit at the Conference table with Soekarno, but (b) That the policy of the Netherlands Government remains as stated in 1942, namely, the complete partnership of the Netherlands East Indies within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and freedom of conduct regarding internal affairs.

6. S.A.C.S.E.A. has informed Dr. Van Mook (please see my telegram under reference sub-paragraph (d)) that- (a) His (S.A.C.S.E.A.’s) instructions to General Christison are to hold firmly certain given areas in the Netherlands East Indies through which Netherlands troops may, at the earliest possible moment, be introduced to take over from the Japanese and- (b) That he (S.A.C.S.E.A.) is also reminding the Japanese Commanders that until they are disarmed and receive orders to the contrary, he holds them responsible for dealing with the resistance movement they have themselves fostered.

(c) It is understood that the Netherlands Government propose to authorise Dr. Van Mook to issue a proclamation in Java in their name. General Christison will provide Dr. Van Mook with all the necessary facilities for its issue and distribution.


1 Document 285.

2 Professor J. H. A. Logemann.


[AA : A1067, P146/2/7/1]