Evatt to Maloney

Cablegram 2 CANBERRA, 9 February 1945


My telegrams 24, 22 and 21. [1] Prisoners of war liberated by Red Army.

It is desired that you handle this matter with Soviet authorities on highest necessary level with view to ensuring that all Australians liberated by Soviet forces will be satisfactorily cared for and repatriated without delay.

2. In particular you should make arrangements for obtaining full access for yourself or a member of the Legation to camps where Australians are accommodated.

3. Please keep us fully informed of all developments which come to your knowledge, and as soon as you are in a position let us have a report as to what facilities and expenses required.


1 Documents 26 and 28 were repeated to Moscow as nos 22 and 24 respectively. Cablegram at dispatched 7 February, is in AA:A3196, 1945, 0.3536. It summarised Document 22 and repeated the text of Document 24.


[AA:A1066, IC45/6/2/1, i]