Duncan to Chifley

Cablegram 10835 LONDON, 16 October 1945, 5.42 p.m.


My 10834 16th October. [1] The United Kingdom, French and United States Governments have invited the Commonwealth Government to appoint a representative to the meeting of officials to be held in Paris on 9th November to consider data supplied by Governments relating to reparation claims against Germany and the value of prewar German assets situated in their respective territories. The meeting is also to prepare a way for an inter-governmental agreement on allocation of reparation receipts as between the three Governments. It is also proposed that the conference of officials should make recommendations to the Governments concerning the appointment of an inter-Allied reparation agency.

The text of the memorandum relating to inter-Allied reparation agency is contained in my immediately succeeding telegram. [2] The three Governments consider that the agency should, if possible, start its work by 1st December, 1945.

Would be glad to know whether it is proposed to send an officer from Australia by air to attend the meeting of officials on 9th November, or whether you desire me to arrange for representation from here. If the latter should be the case, would appreciate fullest possible instructions as to the line to be taken by our representative.



1 Document 317.

2 Cablegram 10836, dispatched 16 October. On file AA : A1066, H45/1015/11.


[AA : A1066, H45/1015/11]