Commonwealth Government to Addison

Cablegram 368 CANBERRA, 29 October 1945


Your 435. [1]

We agreed with your previous view and immediately made suitable arrangements, along line you suggested. [2] We are surprised at changed attitude and consider it most undesirable to appoint Consular Representatives at this stage of negotiations. Such action would be interpreted by Indonesians as final decision to support restoration of Dutch Administration throughout the whole of the Netherlands East Indies. While we agree with your general aim, Indonesians should not in the interests of the final settlement be given impression that proposed negotiations have been prejudged. It is noted that you have already approached the Netherlands Government. In the circumstances, we hope that it will not be necessary for Consul-General to take up duty in that capacity just yet. Meanwhile, we are not seeking the appointment of Consul-General.


1 Dispatched 27 October. On file AA : A1838/2, 401/1/1/1, i. It advised that the U.K. Govt now had no reservations about Australia’s earlier proposal to appoint a Consul-General in the Netherlands East Indies.

2 See Document 329 and note 1 thereto.


[AA : A1838/2,401/1/1/1, i]