Department of External Affairs to Legation in Moscow

Cablegram 190 CANBERRA, 30 October 1945


It has been decided [1] to recognise the Polish Provisional Government of National Unity and you should, therefore, request the Polish Ambassador at Moscow [2] to inform his Government of the decision and to enquire what are its intentions regarding consular representatives in Australia.

2. (a) The following should be handed over to the Polish Embassy:

(I) goods and money which were the property of the Polish Government in 1943 when we assumed charge of Polish interest or which we subsequently received on its behalf-, (II) documents of record (birth certificates, passports etc.) received from the Polish Embassy or from or on behalf of Poles.

(b) Legation files and papers on Polish matters should be destroyed by fire except:

(I) files regarding policy or principles of representation of Polish interests;

(II) papers which should be retained in view of our circular letter No. 78 of 3rd May, 1944, regarding official departmental histories.

3. Please telegraph as soon as the Polish Embassy has been informed of the decision and report by airmail the action taken under paragraph 2.


1 By Full Cabinet, 30 October (Agendurn 966).

2 Henryk Raabe.


[AA : A1066, H45/453/2]