Makin to Smuts

Cablegram 118 CANBERRA, 1 November 1945


My Government feels that the time has come for South Africa and Australia to exchange High Commissioners. [1] We are certain that great benefit would accrue to both Governments. I hope that you will agree to receive a High Commissioner for Australia at Pretoria in the near future and that you will be able to reciprocate by appointing a High Commissioner with residence in Canberra.

I can assure you that your High Commissioner would receive a warm welcome from the people and Government of Australia. We feel that our relations in the past have lacked the continuous and positive character which such an exchange of representatives would develop on the basis of our friendship in peace and war as fellow members of the British Commonwealth.


1 Full Cabinet approved on 30 October Makin’s recommendation (Agendum 979) that he communicate with the South African Govt in these terms.


[AA : A1066, IC45/64/8/1]