Smuts to Makin

Cablegram 101 PRETORIA, 7 November 1945, 1.04 p.m.


Your 118. [1]

The Union Government welcome the proposal to exchange High Commissioners and will be happy to receive an Australian representative here. Owing to an acute shortage of personnel, it will however, be difficult for the Union to reciprocate at the moment and it is hoped therefore that the appointment of an Australian High Commissioner could be delayed until such time as a convenient date could be agreed upon. [2]


1 Document 355.

2 In the Commonwealth Govt’s cablegram 130, dispatched 22 November, the hope was expressed that the exchange of high commissioners would be possible by mid 1946. On file AA : A1066, M45/21/6.


[AA : A1066, M45/21/6]