Commonwealth Government to Addison

Cablegram 396 [1] CANBERRA, 12 November 1945


You will doubtless be aware that our Political Representative W.

Macmahon Ball is now in Batavia. There is no need to reiterate our vital concern at developments in the Netherlands East Indies area.

We have already stressed to you our belief that the ultimate security of this country rests to a great extent upon a lasting and progressive solution to the problem of Java and the other islands of the Netherlands East Indies. In addition we can, of course, claim to have contributed substantially to the liberation of the Netherlands East Indies from Japanese domination. In the future we shall be directly concerned as a contributor to United Nations security arrangements in the Pacific area.

In view of these facts we should appreciate arrangements being made enabling our representative to be brought into full and continuous consultation by your military and political representatives, in order that he may be able to participate in any negotiations and of course perform adequately the task of keeping the Australian Government informed and making known our views on a situation which is causing us the utmost anxiety.


1 Repeated to Evatt in Washington as cablegram 1699, with the suggestion that Attlee be informed of and asked to support its contents.


[AA : A1838/2, 401/1/1/1, i]