Evatt to Chifley

Cablegram E32 WASHINGTON, 15 November 1945, 7.51 p.m.


You will have seen communique regarding atomic energy. [1] It follows pretty closely the principles which were contained in my earlier telegram. [2] What has been done in substance is to pass the buck to the United Nations Organisation which, under the Charter, can make recommendations through the Assembly regarding armaments. As the Charter also contains the principle that ‘facilities’ are to [be] provided against an aggressor in accordance with agreements to be made by each member I am of the opinion that facilities includes such new inventions and explosives as atomic bomb.

From a practical point of view I think it would be advisable to get Oliphant [3] to Australia as soon as possible so that the latest information of a technical character will be available to the Government and especially Dedman and C.S.I.R.


1 Document 393.

2 Presumably cablegram 1022, dispatched 13 November. See Document 368, note 2.

3 Professor of Physics, University of Birmingham, seconded to the Manhattan Project.