Forsyth to Burton

Cablegram 1033 (extract) WASHINGTON, 16 November 1945, 11.16 a.m.



On 15th November Committee C under the Chairmanship of Dr. Evatt completed a review of the basic objectives and policies (parts I Objectives, II Allied authority, and III Political). Part IV Economic, will be dealt with next week. The Committee appointed a sub-committee consisting of China, United States and Australia to draft report with authority to submit direct to the full Commission on 16th. The report is being submitted as a draft of a new document which, when finalised, would state the Commission’s conclusions.

2. Information on Japan. Glad to receive Ballard telegrams. For your own information a good deal of the contents were already known here. Ballard should know we are particularly interested in- (a) Learning how effectively MacArthur’s orders and policies are carried out and, (b) Immediate information of new orders including date and general statement of the contents. We are in a position to ask the State Department to send questions to MacArthur and would appreciate suggestions.

[matter omitted]


[AA : A1066, P45/10/33/2]