Evatt to Makin

Cablegram E40 WASHINGTON, 21 November 1945, 2.19 a.m.


Lehman, Director General of U.N.R.R.A. has approached me in regard to the question of convening a further Council Session in 1945. He stated that in the view of the Central Committee the volume of business would not warrant a further session this year. In any case, it appears to me that there does not seem to be sufficient time to call a further session for this year. I have advised Lehman that, while we agree that there should not be another session in 1945, we desire that ample notice be given of the next Council Session in 1946, and I have stressed our strong feeling in regard to the present limited composition of the Central Committee from which Australia is excluded despite a very large majority of countries favouring our membership on it. [1] This is one of the matters which will come up at the next session.


1 See Document 214. Australia was elected to the Central Committee in March 1946.


[AA : A1066, ER45/6/12]