Evatt to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram E46 WASHINGTON, 23 November 1945


London telegram 131 to Washington. [1]

OBSERVERS FOR GREEK ELECTIONS The Greek Government had approached me direct suggesting that Australia should send observers on our account quite separately from the United Kingdom. I indicated that we would do this if possible, and I now recommend that this course be followed, sending half dozen reliable observers to be taken from Australian Government or Australian Service Personnel in London or Paris.

They might include such people as Mrs. Street [2] and Mrs. York.


In view of the above we should not assign anyone to accompany the United Kingdom observers but our observers should go separately and we should inform the Greek and United Kingdom Government accordingly. [4]


1 Addressed to Canberra as cablegram 424, dispatched 20 November.

On file AA : A2937, Greece, ii. It sought advice concerning an invitation from the U.K. Govt to send observers to the Greek elections.

2 Sydney feminist and leader of women’s organisations.

3 Secretary, Australian Women’s Charter Committee.

4 In the event, the Commonwealth Govt declined the invitation on the grounds that sufficient suitable personnel could not be made available to justify participation. See cablegram 1836 to the Legation in Washington, dispatched 30 November, in AA : A5954, box 2249.


[AA : A5954, BOX 2249]